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Pascale GaucherPrésidente


in this year, it has now been 10 years, that I am a member of the board of l’Éveil.
The mental health cause is very close to my heart. Having experience a less shining moment in my own life, while life was not a nice, I received help to get me out of the dark place. This is why I now involve myself with this team, whom I believe performing small miracles in their everyday actions.

A lover of nature and photography, I spend a great deal of time in the great outdoors. This nature so beautiful, alive, and real, it keeps me connected to all that is beautiful on the planet and in my environment. I would one day like to share this passion with people who no longer see this extraordinary beauty in their lives. Beauty, that in my opinion, fills the spaces more obscure that our souls.

Guylaine Ouellet

I am very happy that I was elected to the board of directors of L’Éveil. For me it is a way to implicate myself in a good cause, the cause of mental health is still not understood.

Without l’Éveil I do not know where I would be. The specialized caseworkers helped me. I’m not sure what is in store for the future of l’Éveil, I will do my best. I wish to thank l’Éveil, your team understood me, and offers me your time and love!
Guylaine xxxx

Graziella RoussySecrétaire

My contact with l’Éveil began in 2011 following serious family problems that we’re followed with major depression. I had the good fortune to begin an individual follow-up and I was able to discover the workshops that provided the necessary tools for my survival. I grew from this experience, proud of myself, more confident.

The cause of l’Éveil is close to my heart, I aspire to do my best to serve.











Hélène Talbot
Hélène has been a member of the board of directors for 2 years. She loves paying it forward by sharing her life experience that she has gained over her life.
Johanne Guay
I am an ordinary person but I am a good listener and very attentive to others. My essence is empathy, my big heart and love of humans voila my contribution to l’Éveil.
Mireille Grenier

For many reasons the mental health cause is close to my heart, because we all know someone who is facing a struggle with mental health problems. We know these people live daily with many prejudices from the public about their condition. Too many people still do not understand mental illness and the suffering those affected must endure. As a board member I hope to contribute to making our members lives better.

Patrick Leduc
Hello! My name is Patrick Leduc and I have been a member of L’Éveil for more than two years and I am very happy to be part of this beautiful family. I joined the board because my interest is growing! I care about the other members as well and I love the many activities and services offered by the wonderful l’Éveil team, they have made me very much a part of the family. I want to get involved with the members by listening to them and supporting them. I hope to share in planning the future of l’Éveil. Thank you for trusting me and rest assured of my full availability and I look forward to meeting you!
Mélanie Ratté
I am a passionate and hypersensitive woman. Which led me to go through many “hard times”. I had to rebuild myself several times, so I know how important it is to have help. L’Éveil is a place where we are welcomed without any judgment. They are a team of great people who perceive us as humans experiencing difficulties, but they also see beyond, they see our qualities and strengths. I felt that I was as valuable as anyone. They rely on our abilities and guide us in our journey towards balance while respecting our pace. I also met other people, and I feel at home with them. They became a family … I did not see what I had to offer, I saw only my difficulties and I felt like a burden for my entourage and for society. Life has led me to use my abilities and develop them. I discovered that some of my abilities were talents and to prevent me from diminishing these positive aspects of myself, I decided to call them my “super powers” … In hindsight, I can make sense of the hardships I have gone through. I chose to use it to help humans discover their strengths, abilities, talents and encourage them to develop them. We all have “super powers” in us. Just give yourself a chance to welcome them. ❤