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Why choosing l’Éveil?

Why come to l’Éveil?

1. Understand a diagnosis.

2. To take care of my mental health.

3. Build good habits and lifestyle.

4. Improve your quality of life by identifying and working on your strengths.

5. Get to know each other better.

6. Break your isolation by participating in the “Tuesday Help” workshop and summer work platters.

7. Learn, share and share with others.

8. Overcoming a difficult time.

9. Set goals such as a return to school or the job market.

10. Get up after losing jobs.

11. Evolve in my recovery by benefiting from the workshops “My itinerary on recovery”.

12. Find a sense of belonging.

13. To find joy and hope.

14. Face the challenges and responsibilities of everyday life when you are at jobs or studying.

15. Establish a safety net to ensure a smooth and smooth functioning of the labor market or studies.

16. Receive support to face the difficulties of everyday life.

17. Set concrete goals.

18. To challenge you.

19. To put yourself in action, act and change.

20. Find your fill, find the balance.