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How to receive our services?
The best way to ask for help for yourself or someone you know is to contact us directly by telephone at 450-263-6240, ex 0, to make an appointment or contact us electronically at the following LINK

There are other ways to request help from l’Éveil. Ask your family doctor to fill out our reference form. All of the clinics and CLSCs of our region have a copy of our reference form. The information will be transmitted confidentially by your doctor and this will allow us to prioritize demands and offer you an individual service.

After requesting help, your demand will be evaluated. If we believe our service can help you with your mental health issues you will be contacted by a caseworker and evaluated. The evaluation lasts around one hour and is designed to understand your needs.


Individual follow-up
L’Éveil provides individual meetings to members on a weekly, second weekly or monthly basis depending on their needs and the agreement with their caseworker. With the help of qualified caseworker, the members will be invited to create written plan aimed at increasing their quality of life.

Together we will study the symptoms of the disease and we treat any underlying anxiety.

We are an alternative source that considers our members as people rather than simply a diagnosis. L’Éveil is like a big family, a place of belonging where the intervention is seen as a support tailored to the needs of the individual member. We believe members already possess within themselves the resources to cope with their situation and properly fulfill their goals.


For whom
Services are offered to anyone whose psychological and emotional balance is disturbed or threatened and are aged between 18 and 65. Our territory covers all of Brome-Missisquoi.

Through the various services and activities, we focus on personal power. This allows the person to have more control over his life, to participate in decisions concerning them and to exercise free and informed choices.


Why come to l’Éveil?
To understand a diagnosis
Identify your strengths
Building a routine
Created a recovery plan
Achieve your goals
Increase your quality of life
Break your isolation
Face every day
Find balance in your life
Get to know yourself
Overcome a difficult period
Share and learn with others
Learn more about mental health