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The L’Éveil team
Director General: Tim Wisdom
Recovery caseworker – Carolyne Roger, Nancy Di Vincenzo, Jessica Dupont-Roux, Vanessa Morin
Peer support worker and administrative assistant: Louise Daniel


Nancy Di VincenzoRecovery caseworker


For the past six years I have had the pleasure of working for the L’Éveil organisation. I began by working one summer for a social reintegration project, and following that, working as a mental health caseworker, then, named project manager, and now as the director general. I still work as a caseworker.

I am a wife and the mother of two children whom I love very much and who are the joys of my life. I am by nature curious, and the human experience itself fascinates me. Two essential parts of my life are the need to understand and the need to laugh. I have studied as a life coach at the PNL. I’m currently finishing a university diploma in management from l’université de Sherbrooke, at the campus in Longueuil.

Louise DanielPeer support worker and administrative assistant


I have studied to be a secretary as well as a completed course to be a peer support worker Formation québécoise spécialisée en intervention par les pairs offered by the Programme québécois Pairs aidants Réseau. In addition to my administrative work with L’Éveil, my role is to share my experience of mental illness and my recovery with my peers, to help them and guide them in their own recovery. My career is an example of hope, courage and determination that allows my peers to understand themselves in order to motivate themselves to persevere through the many inner and outer obstacles we must face while fighting a mental illness. The example of my recovery is helpful because they see the possibility of their own return to health, gaining power over their lives to achieve well-being and a better quality of life.


Timothy WisdomDirector General


I emigrated from England to Quebec during my childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by science and nature. I completed my BA in Psychology at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke few years ago. I love my work in the field of mental health. After receiving my degree, I decided to offer my time as a volunteer at the federal penitentiary in Cowansville. My experience with the inmates at the prison was very positive for me, it showed me the human capacity to evolve and change. I continue to guide members in all aspects of their mental health to recovery allowing them to increase their quality of life. Today I help people members with all aspects of their mental health at L’Éveil.

I have many hobbies but I particularly love the outdoors and nature. My favorite sports are fishing, kayaking, hiking and skiing.

Carolyne RogerRecovery caseworker


I am the mother of an amazing little girl. Since this little reassure arrived in my life, a great opportunity of change of employment was offered to me. I have great energy, I’m dynamic, I enjoy challenges, I began at l’Éveil offering the workshops. A job of project developer came up and I was offered this poste. My desire is now to offer help to members as a caseworker, I have changed from accountant. I am learning about psychology at the PNL institute.

My biggest passion, after my family is music. Singing and guitar are the best ways to relax in my world.





Jessica Dupont-Roux Recovery caseworker

My name is Jessica Dupont-Roux, new counselor here at l’Éveil. It is with great pleasure that I join the team.

My professional career in contemporary dance has allowed me to discover the human being from an angle of perpetual movement. I am confident in the importance of art and culture in our society and it is with great enthusiasm that I intend to transpose them into intervention.

I am a specialized educator by training and what fascinates me the most about my job is to witness the evolution of each individual.

I look forward to meeting you !

Vanessa MorinRecovery caseworker


I have the honor of being a member of this great team since October 2023. Qualified as an intervention technician since 2008, I have been practicing this wonderful profession for more than 15 years.

My happiness in this role is to see humans progress in a unique way through each encounter, to see the evolution of each person over time and to see each of the small and big successes through the challenges. Looking forward to being able to support you and/or your loved ones in achieving your goals!