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‘The time has come for me to prioritize myself, to focus on my recovery and achieve my goals.’ To do this, the team of l’Éveil de Brome-Missisiquoi has a program that would suit you.

What we offer you: An inspiring place dedicated to achieving your goals, concrete tools for your plan, internet or wifi for your research, validation of your plan by one of our mental health recovery workers as well as follow-up to reach your goals.

 Examples of objectives:

  1. Learn to manage your stress better.
  2. Learn to be less a perfectionist.
  3. Learn to Let Go.
  4. Put yourself in action (stop procrastination).
  5. Better management of your time.
  6. Learn to set your priorities.
  7. Learn to prioritize your goals.
  8. Learn to be more positive.
  9. Develop your self-confidence.
  10. Learn to assert yourself.
  11. Have better sleeping habits to be in better shape.
  12. Get out of your comfort zone.
  13. Improve your interpersonal relationships (family, friends, spouse).
  14. Develop social skills.
  15. How to occupy your time by volunteering, workshops or others.
  16. Improve your physical health: have better eating habits, do more physical exercises etc.
  17. Take time for yourself every day.
  18. Learn to choose yourself.