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Tuesday personal growth workshops

Tuesday personal growth workshops

Every Tuesday afternoon the personal growth workshops on Tuesday offer to the entire population of Brome-Missisquoi meetings of workshops for personal growth and regaining power over their lives. These workshops are a meeting place for people wishing to exchange, discuss, listen, reflect, equip themselves, learn to change their perceptions and break down their isolation by creating bonds of friendship. Tuesday’s personal growth workshops are always very important gatherings for members. Here is a small retrospective of the workshop themes that were discussed:

The “How to get out of your comfort zone” workshop

During this workshop, people were able to define what a comfort zone is. They learned that by setting goals, taking risks, being bold, changing their perception, broadening their perspective, opening up to the unknown and having confidence could get them out of their comfort zone and this helped them to react better and adapt to life situations.

ACEF Montérégie-Est workshops “The informed consumer and experience Christmas differently”

During these workshops, Tanya Brodeur from the l’Association coopérative d’économie familiale (ACEF) enabled participants to demystify the concepts of personal finance and consumer issues. Its Her mandate was to educate, inform, and sensitize our members on budget, debts and responsible consumption. Our members were able to develop better tools to help them with their finances and their consumption.

Creative workshops – Mandalas / the meaning of colors, engraving workshop and visit to the studio of a painter (Henri Desclez)

Creative workshops are considered among the favorite workshops of members. These allowed them to experiment and express their creativity. By participating in these workshops, people realized how much art can play a big part in a person’s recovery process and how beneficial it can be.