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Social Integration

Social integration

Individualized follow-up in social integration is offered to people absent from the labor market and for whom integration into employment or school cannot be envisaged in the short term (eg: beginning of the recovery process).



  • Acquire and maintain skills, attitudes and behaviors favoring the social integration of the person in the community;
  • Develop their autonomy and skills;
  • Have social contacts;
  • Participate in varied and stimulating activities in the community;
  • Explore different fields of professional choices.

Our services  

  • Individualized and adapted supervision;
  • Follow-up based on welcoming people in all their dimensions and support in their journey;
  • A follow-up adapted to the situation of the people, their choices to take their approach alone or accompanied;
  • Help with managing symptoms related to mental health issues;
  • Getting information and exploration of interests, aptitudes, aspirations, values, skills and educational and employability profile.