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By contributing to our organization’s success, you enable us to continue improving the mental health of hundreds of people through research activities, teaching and the provision of high-quality care and services.

An official tax receipt will be mailed to you for all donations of $15 or more.


Types of Donation

In Memoriam donations
To honor the memory of someone dear to them, many people favor In Memoriam donations. The organization will send a condolence card in your name to the bereaved family.

A bequest on behalf of the Organization.
Even though it’s a task many people put off, making a will is the best way to ensure that your wishes will be carried out according to your desires. In the absence of specific arrangements, your assets will be distributed according to the Civil Code. By making a will, you can be assured that proper arrangements have been made on behalf of the people for whom you are responsible. Making a donation or bequest in your will allows you to preserve your financial security while leaving a lasting legacy to the Association d’entraide en santé mentale L’Éveil de Brome-Missisquoi..

The donation may be a specific bequest (a fixed sum or percentage of your estate, a real estate property, artwork, company shares, etc.) or a bequest of the remainder of your assets (a percentage of what remains of your estate; thus, any change in the value of your estate affects the actual value of the bequest). It is also possible to make a conditional bequest (bequeath a particular asset only in the event that one or more of your heirs passes away). For further information about this method of making a donation, please contact the organization.

Participation in various Organization fundraising activities.

An official tax receipt will be mailed to you for all donations of $15 or more.

To make a donation:

Online :

Our Donate Online section (CanaDon) will allow you to make a completely secure donation..

By telephone:
Dial (450) 263-6240, ex. 0.

By email, address or in person (we accept cheques as well as cash)

Association d’entraide en santé mentale L’Éveil de Brome-Missisquoi
112 rue du Sud, local 500
Cowansville (Québec)
J2K 2X2
Téléphone : (450) 263-6240, poste 0
Télécopieur : (450) 263-5779

The Organization will recognize your generous contribution in accordance with your wishes

Making a donation to the Organization: giving hope for mental health